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In C# is an autogenous musical sandbox based on genetic algorithms. Play melodies with your keyboard, and the nodes will answer, communicate with eachother, and progressively transform your music into something new.

Instructions : Left Click : Select/Move node - Right Click : Create/Delete node - Q,W,E,R,T,Y,U,I,O,P : Give a melody to a node Scroll wheel : Zoom/Change node's octava - Middle Click : Lock node - Double Click : Activate node

Advanced Controls : <C> : Change node's sound, <G> : Toggle scale editing, <M> : Toggle rhythm mode , <Space> : Tap tempo (rhythm mode only), <+/-> : Set volume <D>Toggle node's memory display

, Left click drag on a node's range : Change node's range


1. Basics
  • Select a node and play notes with Q,W,E,R,T,Y,I,U,O,P to teach it a melody
  • When a node communicates, the inactive nodes in its range answer with a similar melody
  • Create node chains and see what happens
  • A locked node won't learn or forget anything from other nodes
2. Tips
  • Every time a melody is played, it has a chance of mutating (by duplication, transposition, supression of notes or rythm scaling)
  • Use locked nodes to keep melodies you like, or to set fixed patterns to vary over
  • Old melodies wear : a recent melody is more likely to be selected for playing
  • You can create multiple independent circuits by spacing them out
  • A node won't trigger the node it was triggered by, unless it is the only choice possible.


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Je ne peux pas jouer au jeu, il affiche un message d'erreur ça fout le seum il avait l'air très cool

I'd be interested in this being converted to WebGL.
To be honest I don't remember what it is, but apparently I liked it enough to put it into one of my collections.