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In C# is an autogenous musical sandbox based on genetic algorithms. Play melodies with your keyboard, and the nodes will answer, communicate with eachother, and progressively transform your music into something new.

Instructions : Left Click : Select/Move node - Right Click : Create/Delete node - Q,W,E,R,T,Y,U,I,O,P : Give a melody to a node Scroll wheel : Zoom/Change node's octava - Middle Click : Lock node - Double Click : Activate node

Advanced Controls : <C> : Change node's sound, <G> : Toggle scale editing, <M> : Toggle rhythm mode , <Space> : Tap tempo (rhythm mode only), <+/-> : Set volume <D>Toggle node's memory display

, Left click drag on a node's range : Change node's range


1. Basics
  • Select a node and play notes with Q,W,E,R,T,Y,I,U,O,P to teach it a melody
  • When a node communicates, the inactive nodes in its range answer with a similar melody
  • Create node chains and see what happens
  • A locked node won't learn or forget anything from other nodes
2. Tips
  • Every time a melody is played, it has a chance of mutating (by duplication, transposition, supression of notes or rythm scaling)
  • Use locked nodes to keep melodies you like, or to set fixed patterns to vary over
  • Old melodies wear : a recent melody is more likely to be selected for playing
  • You can create multiple independent circuits by spacing them out
  • A node won't trigger the node it was triggered by, unless it is the only choice possible.

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